Sunday, 13 November 2011

@Justin Rough Sketches of developing final character and thoughts

I worked from the previous head designs to create some rough intial drawings of how I want my three characters to look.



Obviously these are not the final designs but I now have something to work with so I can begin experimenting with colour tests and expression sheets and a few more developments to achieve the final characters.

A Few Developed Thoughts

  • Need to start adding indication where the ring will be worn by Leonis
  • Maybe Lingua could also stand on hind legs and move about on four, using front feet as hand alternatives
  • I am thinking of scraping the carnival mask from the overall concept and just in the props so that the evilness is potrayed in the face
  • Vipera's mask might be the prop that allows her to blend into the background to 'mask' her identity
  • I need to rethink Vipera's armour because it is hard to use the original idea on her new body shape
  • Leonis's ring could just feature in the props design and like Vipera's mask have a unique ability
  • May need to rethink Lingua's body shape, fatter or thinner?
@Justin, if you could let me know your thoughts at this stage and if you think my ideas are now heading in the right direction.

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