Friday, 25 November 2011

Post Modernism Lecture Notes - week 10


  • Hand in: Friday 9th December 12.30 - 2.30 pm Faculty Office - Ground Floor
  • Plagiarism Form to include: Turnitin ID num
  • Upload Essay on Turnitin
  • 2000 words - 10% over or under word count, better to be over
  • Chose something that you can use, doesn't have to be in your field
  • make references to key ideas
  • If Film, then home in on something particular in the film e.g scene, character, costume, etc
  • Developed ability to engage in research sources beyond the lecture series
  • Ability to clarify academic ideas - quotes in italics, Film title in capitals, etc
  • Idependent Learning - branching off own idea

Research for Essay Writing

  • Find information in response to brief
  • Key terms and understanding
  • Introduce, discuss and draw conclusions from evidence/ information in essay

Secondary Research - Hierachy

  • Books
  • Articles
  • Government Papers
  • Statistics
  • If websites go for Accountable sites e.g. Museum, galleries, government funded
Primary Research

  • Questionnaires, interviews, first hand accounts
  • DO Secondary first to know what to plug in

  • Introduction - What, Why and How - 10% of word count (200 words)
  • Essay/main body - Explanations, Analysis and Discussion - 80% (1600 words)
  • Conclusion - Key Findings and Fianl Judgements (NOT A LIST) - 10% (200 words)
  • 8 or 9 paragraphs in total - Essay Scope
  • Lead on from one to the other
  • Look at what they are going to focus on
  • Note one line, quote, image used - Plan!


  • Explain Essay, but don't start discussions of points
  • Don't worry about research methods
  • bried order of points and why evidence is useful
Main Body

  • Paragraphs - deal with one tiny point
  • make sure last line leads to next focus
  • introduce all evidence properly
  • discuss every separate point indepth - DON'T COVER IT ALL
  • Each Para - 1 point/ step
  • 5 - 10 sentences no less than 5
  • space between paragraphs
  • link each so they lead on forward
Quotation and Paragraph Structure - (PRINT OFF)

  • Keep to one focus and one point don't introduce multiple ideas in one para
  • introduce quote - who is saying it
  • Choose strong quotes to discuss not ones that explain it for themselves
  • Parapharase only when tense doesn't fit or when different authors are involved
  • No quotation marks for Parapharase and in past tense e.g. He Stated

  • Dont introduce anything new
  • Highlight Key findings
  • Form a judgement and Emphasis main points
  • Don't use first Person (Throughout)
  • Objective Academic Writing - conversion of 1st to 3rd person (Print Off)
  • Don't Narrate - Drowning Person's Cry for Help = No Content, Don't Do
  • Don't write a list

  • Open Introduction with " This assignment investigates Post modernity through discussion of ..."
  • Turn off 75% of Post Modernity ideas
  • Plagiarism is stealing! be careful not to fall into the trap of not referencing properly etc that could also lead to this
  • References always have brackets
  • Follow Harvard Referencing through out
Referencing Images

  • Figure Num + Title in italics
  • on referencing site - 3rd bullet point refers to specific sources
Final Points

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