Friday, 4 November 2011

Postmodernism week 7 Lecture Notes

Chasing Tales: The Ouroboros

  •  'Meta Fiction'
  • Ouroboros - a circular symbol of a snkae or dragon - stands for infinity
  • Meta - about it's own catagory e.g. Meta story, meta joke, meta advertising
  • Meta Fiction - Scream triology horror film about horror films (referencing)
  • Scream 3 references trilogies and Scream 4 about it's own franchaise - snake devouring tail
  • Mulholland Drive - Meta Fiction references Film Noir
  • Moulin Rogue - Meta Fiction commented on it's own story and writers
  • Funny Games - attempt to deconstruct horror and questions own format, formula
  • Adaptation - writes about struggle of writing 'The Orchid Thief'
  • "I don't want to make a hollywood adaptation" quote in film but turns out to unpick itself
  • meta appears in literature, 'The French Litutenant's Woman'
  • Realism - attempt to depict the world as it really is
  • Question of the 'real' = what is familiar
  • Constructed by us - deconstruction breaks up what we rely on - interrogates it
  • becoming self concious = a signal that one was up to date
  • self conciousness built on world's sensitivity
  • 'the forth wall' - A common fictional concept, characters unaware they are in a story

  • exploration of Fourth wall is a trait of Post Modernism
  • Fourth Wall being broken:
  • Funny Games - character looks at screen breaks illusion by addressing audience
  • JCVD - Vandam - addresses audience, lifted out of narrative and confessing experiences of his real life/ reality
  • genre savvy - character doesn't know thier in the story but know of stories and genres e.g Scream 3 - character in second film leaves message of surviving in a trilogy
  • Addressing Mise En Abyme - world reflecting itself
  • term to describe intertexual language  ' Frame within a Frame
  • The Droste Effect - e.g Unmagumma Pink Floyd, poster on wall reflects photo and so on
  • 'Things are Queer' - snakes round back to first image never resolved
  • Last Action Hero - Deconstruction of the 'Action Film' laid with jokes of what audience expects
  • Scream 2 - talks about sequels, murder starts again immitation of the 1st
  • Terms of Meta Fiction still being contested - self reflexive fiction
  • Narcissistic Fiction - unengaged with discussions Ocean's 12 as example - characters playing themselves

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