Thursday, 17 November 2011

Progress on Final Villain (Vipera)

With a lot of developing ideas and with only a week before the crit I felt I needed to begin the final process of design for my characters.

I have started with my villain and I have got to the basic colour stage, I have produced colour tests and selected which one I think works best.

I started using the drawing of the rough sketch I did before but I didn't want a side on view for the final concept because I felt this would not visual show or explain the character enough so I then produced a three quarter view of Vipera and edited the design according to what had worked in my previous ideas and what I wrote in my development notes.

Black and White toned

These are the colour tests, I had figured that the combination should be green and purple to strengthen the idea of this character being vile and toxic as well as the obvious 'evil'. I tried different shades of green and purple and flipped over the shades of the skin and armour in one of the designs to explore variation of the idea.

This is what I have chosen for now, there is a lot I still want to do this before achieving the final result but I want to get the other two characters to this stage before pushing through the final concepts.

In the meanwhile if anyone would like to comment then please do as I would like to resolve this as soon as possible and any feedback would be grateful.

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