Monday, 21 November 2011

Text, Front Cover/ background ideas

These were intial text ideas all using the font: Sucker Font because the style instantly stuck out and felt fitting for a fantasy type show.

These were some different ideas I thought didn't quite work as some of the images would of been re-used and it would be clear before the pages displaying the final concepts what they looked like. I also tried combining existing images to capture the other planet vibe but that felt too realistic. I did keep the text and colour because it stands out clearly and felt right as an identity.

This is the final front cover design, I decided to distort and change the colour of the silhouttes so they look different from the original and work well within the composition. I need to put 'The Character Bible' text in again because part of the 'r' is missing but I have now decided on background and text on the other pages.

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