Sunday, 26 February 2012

Notes from The Impact of Computer Games

Choi Charlie, Loo Alfred, (2002), The Impact of Computer Games, Bradford, Emerald Group Publishing LTD

Aspects of networking in Multiplayer Computer Games by Jouni Smed, Timo Kaukoranta and Harri Hakonen
  • growth of gaming industry and expectations has escalated the multimedia adapting technologies for training, education and even medical image research

  • 'The transportation axis indicates the level to which the participants leave behind their local space and the articality axis the level to which a space is computer generated' (Hakonen, Kaukaranta, Smed, 2002 : 87)

Applications of Computer Games in the Field of Education by R. Fayakanthan

  • 'Computer games are gaining unprecedented access to thhe homes, minds and souls of people today.' (Fayakanthan, 2002 : 98)

  • computer industry growing bigger and convincing people of all ages as a tool of knowledge and education

  • films are even basing plots on popular videogames

  • Slowly became part of everyday Youth Culture

  • Online gaming is an entire subculture for a meeting place

  • 'computer games raise the yard stick of immersion and interaction even higher as they "suck in" the player. As Friedman (1994) says in his essay on Making sense of Software: Computer Games and interactive Textuality.' (Fayakanthan, 2002 :99)

  • specialised coporate learning games for business field developed real life situations, planing situations

  • strategy games such as Sim City mutated into hundreds of different variants

  • today, technology has become cutting egde and turnover for computer has surpassed Hollywood

  • can enter new dimensions and frontiers and explore the areas where it can raise itself beyond the plateau as an entertainment industry now

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