Friday, 3 February 2012

Research Framing Practise Introduction

Assessment Requirements

Students determine their own choice of subject for the assignment. The assessment is

divided into two parts consisting of a research proforma and a detailed synopsis of study

including, appropriately framed proposition with rationale and aims, key theoretical ideas,

authors and their critical perspectives, main and subsidiary lines of argument and structure of

discussion and distribution in sections of the study.
Both the research proforma and the

synopsis must be submitted for assessment and receive a minimum of a pass grade

to achieve a pass for the unit.

Your synopsis must contain illustrations where appropriate and a full bibliography of

references following Harvard referencing conventions; see

Plagiarism Disclaimer Form in the Dissertation area myUCA must also be completed

and attached to the front of your dissertation.

A copy of the synopsis and proforma as one document must also be submitted to

turnitin – see under ‘Assessment’ for this unit on myUCA.

1. The Research Proforma

This is used to record the subject and title of the essay and a research question. The

proforma also records the sources explored and notes the findings of investigations.

The proforma constitutes 25% of the overall grade for this unit.

2. The Synopsis

This deals with the identification of a the critical approaches to be adopted in its

investigation, the bodies of knowledge to be investigated, the critical position of

authors, lines of argument and rationale for the subject and the structure. The

synopsis constitutes 75% of the grade for the unit. This should be in the region of

2000 words. The synopsis constitutes 75% of the grade for the unit.

Submission date for Research Proforma and Synopsis

Monday 23
rd April 2012

Research Proforma & Synopsis Hand-in

10.00am – 12.00 noon

Faculty Admin office, ground floor (next to photocopier)

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