Monday, 27 February 2012

Research Framing Practise Lecture 4 Notes

Lecture Week 5 Writing the Proforma and Synopsis


  • Area of interest - Research and Map Area - Identify specific focus - Formulate specific question

When you have a Question

  • identify chapters and focusses
  • give each chapter a title that reflects focus

  • Get to this point before filling in Proforma


  • research for each chapter in order:
  • get out useful sources and identify authors, etc
  • use proforma to aid synopsis and dissertation
  • crictial angle/ bias, place of publication, analyse possible use and where  - how you intend to use them and where in dissertation

Synopsis - 2000 words

  • should help you write a dissertation
  • summary
  • literature, view points, areas of discussion and taster of the analysis
  • try not to be vague
Intro - 200 words

  • question to be explored
  • chapter breakdown, what should be covering and why
  • how they respond to question
  • brief overview of what each chapter covers, theotrical view points
Chapters - each at 533 words approx

  • start para with outlined specific areas of discussion analyse
  • flavour discussion/ analyse - introduce quote and small analysis
  • no lists
Past Mistakes

  • shouldn't be to - do list - what you have done without actually doing it
  • shouldn't be just each beginning chapter as if writing the dissertation
Conclusion - 200 words

  • refinements to focus if light in synopsis
  • areas of further focus and expansion per chapter but must explain what specifically and why

  • Title Page
  • Contents Page
  • Proforma
  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1 - Title
  • Chapter 2 - Title
  • Chapter 3 - Title
  • Conclusion
  • Illustration List
  • Bibliography
  • Appendix

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