Monday, 5 March 2012

Research Framing Practise Lecture 5 Notes

Structure a Case Study

  • how information is organised
  • how argument is made to flow
  • how point of view is emphasised
  • beginning, middle and end  

  • must structure synopsis before writing it
  • work out where research analysis fits in
  • structure 'which is best for what chapter

Basic Structure

  • Introduction
  • Main Body:
  • discussion
  • creating an argument
  • links
  • Conclusion

  • definition
  • where are questions asked
  • parameters and intentions

Main Body
  • simply stating information is pointless
  • should be used to authenticate and support discussion
  • description
  • comment
  • analyse
Creating an Argument

  • taking position or an issue, proposing point of view
  • will provide evidence to substantiate position taken (quotes)
  • differs from state of opinion (I like ...)
  • cautious in creating argument
  • balance point of views - counter argument
  • avoid biased statements, rants, unqualified comment
  • beware of the 'so what' effect - I think, etc
  • Unqualified = pulling evidence from the air - generalising
  • allowed to use questions but must be answered
  • comment and analysis must come together


  • summarise
  • round off argument
  • no new evidence
  • rewind reader of aims and questions
  • connect discussion with larger picture

To think about soon

  • start to structure research into relevant chapters
  • leave plenty of time to re-read and refine work

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