Friday, 16 March 2012

Research Framing Practise Lecture 6 Notes

Critical Ideas

  •  semiotics, anthropology and Ideology
could come from reviews of sources - exhibitions, films, etc
  • Three general theories include - Marxism, Feminism, Psychoanalysis
  • critical ideas that step outside the 'self'
  • Three different signs - Symbol, Icon and Index (used a lot in film theory)
  • Daniel Chandler - beginners guide to semiotics - key words to analyse source, image, etc
    Denotation and Connotation  
  •  Denoted - what it shows
  • Connotated - suggests what character, narrative, etc is
  • what it implies about conventions, 'naturalised ideas'

  • Roland Barth - connotation is conventional to how the natural theories work
  • e.g. rose handed to boy or girl = connotes
  • romance and should ideally be conducted - one of our societies dominant ideologies
  • mysterious operation by which the message may infuse a secondary meaning
  • changing style or tone may involve different connotations

  • The Commutation Test - particular signifier is selected then different alternatives are considered - considered in how this affects the sense of the sign
  • 'absenses' - why one paradigm than the other e.g. old instead of young
  • also known as 'subsitution test'

  • 'Dirt' is matter out of place
  • Mary Douglas 'purity and danger'
  • ambiguity - doubtfullness, uncertainty
  • anolmaly - deviation from common rule, type, arrangement or form, old, perculiar - something that doesn't fit

How to deal with Anomolies

  1. assign into category
  2. destroy it
  3. rules of advoidance
  4. declare it as dangerious

  •  Marxism - analyse of power relations
  • transformation
  • experience ourselves as possessing conciousness to freely form our own ideas
  • but based on imagery and ideoligical once based on misrecognition
  • identity formed ideologically - your hailed/ called
  • interpellation - when best to not know what's going on


  •  different marxist's theory
  • cultural domination happens by common sense
  • subject has power to promote difference
  • different to top down theories

  • subculture can resist dominant ideologies
  • intellectual and cultural production of counter hagemonic ideas
  • minorities that decode dominate messages
  • about creation of ideas through common sense
  • ideology - opposition to mainstream
  • hagemony = power that is taking away


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