Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Major Project Start

Creative Task
This project represents the end of your studies and your graduation into a creative career. In order to make this transition successful it is important to further refine your creative methodology and practical output (Pipeline) in order to fulfil the requirements of stage 3 degree level study and the requirements of a demo reel (port-folio). This will demonstrate to a potential employer that you are able to function in a professional capacity and possess a skill base applicable to your chosen creative field.

At the moment my idea for an outcome is very open as I need something to work with and this decision will hopefully be easier once I know more on what I am doing but would like to continue with Computer Game character design and made a list of what I might be interested in doing so far

-         Aim for cartoon styled character again?
-         Nintendo might be a good option for level of detail this time
-         Two characters?
-         Or One character and 3D world this time so more interaction in that space as final goal e.g. character running through a section of the environment?

-         Another Younger audience type character maybe for another platform this time e.g. Nintendo Ds, online or mobile app

-         One detailed character for Ps3/Xbox for 16+ age group
-         Or cartoon stylised

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