Monday, 21 January 2013

@ Phil Major Project Ideas

Hi Phil,

These are my ideas so far would like to hear your thoughts, also after the tutorial on Friday, the children will become the 'villains' and the toys will be the heroes. I am just try to decide on setting but this will have a puzzle feel with the theme of fixing broken toys through the game.


  1. Hey Adam,

    Okay - just a thought; I don't much like the idea of the villains/heroes as children; in terms of scale, I can't see how this is going to work exactly, but maybe I'm not quite seeing this how you're seeing it. It also means you're lumped in with human anatomy, however stylised. In terms of the setting, I think you need to avoid bedrooms and nurseries because of the overlap with the Toy Story franchise, and I'm thinking that your idea of the toy factory might be the way forward. I know it's unseasonal, but I was thinking that maybe the toy factory could be THE toy factory - i.e Santas, and that perhaps there's somekind of villain at large who is turning the toys into death-traps in an attempt to use Christmas against the world! They heroes could be elves - which could come in all sorts of sizes - and they could be racing about the conveyor belts and elaborate machinery of the factory (which could be a kind of high-tech meets gingerbread meets steampunk affair). Your villain could be another disenfranchised elf - or indeed something else completely. I suppose I just think that maybe very human protagonists kill off some of the character design potential and perhaps might encourage you towards genericism... I suppose I'm thinking about Nightmare Before Christmas, when Jack makes all those nightmarish gifts, but I can't help thinking that a more fantastical setting might encourage a more fantastical cast of game characters.

    1. Ok Thanks Phil, this has some good potential I shall have a think over and start researching etc thanks :)