Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Feedback from Justin Yesterday

I felt positive explaining my idea to Justin and he gave me a lot to think about where the designs could go

The good elf is roughly staying the same in terms of it's traditional elf look and I now think about adding props to him such as a big belt buckle, a tool belt with wooden tools, fluffy rims for the hat, collar and shoes, and finally the magic candy cane he wields to free the elves and make the toys come to life and help him as he repairs them through the game.

The evil elf will look more different, Justin suggested making him industrial and grimy so that when the two characters are together there is no mistake on who's who. He will have a visor e.g wielding mask to appear more creepy, he will wear industrial boots, Gauntlet like gloves and boiler suit to differ from Ralph and to indicate his hi-tec approach. He will also have power tools strapped to his back.

For both designs I need to define the shapes more confidently and strongly to make them more obvious, make the head shapes stronger by choosing something definitive (where is the jaw line) make sure both retain pixie - like features to show they belong together but how can they appear for both archetypes, think about curve lines and how they pose and leave the features of the face until a strong head design for each has been decided to make it clearer what I need for them.

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