Sunday, 10 February 2013

Tutorial Week 4

A much more positive tutorial and now to progress further

  • Play around with shapes that work and create a few more variations e.g hero 1 with hero 6's head and decide through shapes whether they are cute children or adults 
  • Work basic details in but start with simple lines to establish 3-D shapes and form of the body 
  • Create pages of different eyes and noses to look at possibilities away from the face first 
  • Work further details in and grey tones 

I will make decisions on character's names to stop calling them good and bad elf and give them more of an identity with a synopsis and individual bios as well as clearly stating the logic of my game e.g. what they made from to know what colours to use 

I also want to start considering the branding of the project as that is still quite weak for me so will look at some graphic design and start brain storming and consider what that could be.

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