Sunday, 17 February 2013

Tutorial Week 5

A lot to work on this week and need to refine and make more decisions.

  • Make shapes used cleaner on both characters 
  • Make a list of both characters personality e.g if happy have different words to describe it 
  • Think about spine arc, if it bends a certain way then head and features will follow to complete the arc running through it 
  • Make some colour palettes to resemble the elves and toys (when I know what I am making) thinking of traditional Christmas factory that looks a certain way from myth
  • Look up some classical Christmas Tools e.g something like wooden blocks that can become something when put together a certain way also mobility as a way of attacking e.g roller skates
  • Speak to Justin when he is in on Tuesday to go through the design of the characters and how they pose through personality and features, etc

I am also going to look at designing a logo for my game and think about branding a lot more to get some ideas of how the marketing might look early to have time to refine it.

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