Thursday, 2 May 2013

Ralph and Dylon's Walk Cycles 1

Music: Wonderous by Sim phony

Sound Effects by


  1. Hey Adam - me again, I know, I know, I'm annoying...

    Listen, you've got so much bounce in your walk-cycles, I don't think the music you've chosen is doing your characters any favours. There's no fun in that music - no swing - and I think you should consider having different signature tunes for your different characters. I'd consider going for something a bit more 'Jazzy Christmas' for Ralph, something more like:

    (something to synch with his 'swing' and his upbeat energy)

    and for your villain, something more like:

    What do you think? I think it will make a real difference to communicating their characters.

    And also, in terms of further augmenting these walk-cycles, don't you need to include the jingle of Ralph's bootie-bells and his hat, for example, and the purring of Dylon's fingers?

    1. Not at all I appreciate advice now while I can change it!

      That was the reason for them being called 'Walk Cycles 1' so that i can go back and edit

      Yep this is a good idea I was worried the sound effects might get cancelled out but I have a audio editing studio I have just downloaded so I can play with that if it becomes a problem

      But defiantly something upbeat and jazzy for Ralph and something more sinister for Dylon I think

      yep the extra sound effects could be important as well

      And Thank you Phil I want to try and achieve the best possible outcome on everything I submit this time which is why I have put stuff up so I can receive other people's views as well to Refine, Refine, Refine! while I still can :D

  2. Absolutely, Adam - in terms of music, remember to keep your game concept in your head - this isn't 'Silent Hill' - this is Dr Seuss, so anything a bit retro and toon-ish and larger than life is going to help sell your idea. I was even going to suggest further enriching your walk-cycles and turnarounds by thinking about alternate lighting set-ups for your characters; for example, have you thought about 'up-lighting' Dylon a bit more theatrically (like when you put a torch under your chin to create a spooky effect) - so he reads unambiguously as the villain, and warming up and softening the lighting on Ralph for the opposite effect? I just think there are a number of nice touches you could put in place here to further communicate your knowledge of your world and your over all art-direction - what do you think? What I'm actually talking about here is a level of showmanship - just because these are walk-cycles doesn't mean they should read 'only' as technical exercises/content - perhaps these walk-cycles can convey a bit of world-making too?

    1. Ok that could also be something quite interesting as well yep shall have a play with this :D