Thursday, 7 October 2010

Essay research

In response to the question I chose 'How has metamorphosis been used to give an impact to an audience?'
I have researched the topic sources I want to include.

For historical examples I will look at selected Egyptian gods as some are depicted as hybrids so has the idea of supreme beings that control a certain element or creature, in the case of this example Buto could control serpents.

 I will also look at the video game God of War as this game is wrapped around the theme of  Greek mythology but the ideas and context has an updated comtemporary finish. If though designs and ideas have advanced we can still recognise the form of medusa or a minotaur because of the outline shape remained the same.

My contemporary examples include the digital paintings of Carlos Huane's website as they suggest how a human anatomy may transform into the feature of the animal/creature they are becoming.

I found a book titled - Digital fantasy workshop and has more examples of digital artists and designers created the impression of a hybrid humaniod transformation.

There also examples of marvel characters, where scientists have performed experiments mixing the DNA of animals with their genes to cure an illness,etc. They result in changing into a hybrid of themself and that animal as this example of 'the Lizard' proves. I thought Marvel was a good example because of the comic illustrations and cartoon animations used for a yonger audience.

I will also look at the video game Resistance because the theme is of hybrid chimeras that were once human but change to a Russian experiment gone out of control. The below image is a concept still of a conversion chamber where the human is forced through this process of 'metamorphosis' to become the hybrid beast/creature.

I watched the 1986 version of The Fly recently for our project and felt it is another good example for my project as you see the process of metamorphosis in the film before he becomes the final creature. There are a lot of minor changes before the more clearer changes in appearance, for instance when he loses his teeth and fingernails. It creates the idea of what he gives up as part of his humanity and what ablities he gains during the transformation.

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