Saturday, 2 October 2010

Photoshop week 1


 This head and complete body sketches created in photoshop are the first attempts of ever producing a digital painting so I stuck with the black and white toning on a pure white background. I started with the head and unfortunately appears too much like the original features of a vulture. When I created the body I decided to keep the vulture features throughout because I just really wanted to get the basics of the brushes and
settings that I needed to use.

 I then started looking at positions and began with this grounded pose at a side view. I found this helped with proportions and shape of the features. The size of the beak needs to be smaller and the position of the foot could be lowered and leaning on a rock / object instead of outstrencthed in mid air.

This is an in flight position and I focussed on the v - shape of the wings as I mentioned in my research. the body is a little bulky but I prefer this position as it shows more of what the featutres are doing and use of the wings and the bird flying which would show the ablities picked up during transformation.

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