Friday, 15 October 2010


This film is Splice directed by Vincenzo Natali and starts off with a small kangeroo creature with the DNA of the female lead because she wanted something usual instead of a normal baby. The mystery of the creature kept the story going because it is a new species so they learn it has many abilities from the animals it has been spliced with such as wings and the lungs of an amphibian so it can breathe underwater. Dave Golder from gives this opinion of the film  "Spends three quarters of its running time desperately fighting against being the kind of film you expect it to be, before becoming exactly the kind of film you expect it to be... "

The theme of sex was expressed throughout the film, the desire and lust generated by the spliced creature when it reached the right age and when it changed gender to male and forced the female pregnant to carry on the genes of it's species. As a male the creature had a aggressive nature and to kill other males threatening it's dominance and rite to mate. David Edwards from believes "While its science makes Splice timely, it's also pretty absurd - even for a horror - with the couple's attempts to keep Dren a secret from their fellow researchers straining credibility."

The creature showed many human qualities like the behaviour stages of when it was growing up especially the teenage years of confusion and new feelings towards opposite sex. The story was werid because it was based on a disfunctional family, the children and parents having sex created a disturbed theme that people usually advoid, I liked how they displayed the life cycle of the creature because you saw the human animal ability of learning and changing in appearance as it grew older. Eric D.Snider at questions the creation of dren "Clive and Elsa have tampered in God's domain, and for this there must be consequences. "

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