Friday, 15 October 2010

Life Drawing week 4

In this session I created two detailed sketches for thirty minutes, we had to use the measuring system with a pencil and my thumb and translated that to the page. I drew a line in the middle and measured equal lines to get the figure in proportion. I think I am getting better with the figure but I am still struggling with the ankles and feet but I am improving with every session.

 This was a five minute pose and the model was lying down, I found this pose trickier because the figure is at a different angle so that I had to try and incoporate what I saw through foreshortening. I tried to complete the full figure but I didn't have much time to finish the tone detail.

This piece was a series of one minute poses, I had to work quick and instinctively through the expressive use of line. Even though I only managed to draw the silhoutte it shows action to the pose. I need to learn how to record more into the drawing quickly to meet the time limit.

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