Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Concept 2 - Mushroom forest completed

I have made little tweaks to complete this concept by slightly increasing shadow where light was overpowering detail. I added little flecks of light on the floor and made the mushroom on the left taller to give the impression that these life forms would tower over a person. I have added the progressing stages below to show how I got to this final image.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Adam - this image has lots of lovely qualities - but - if that light source was truly that bright and coming in from the left, the shadows would be cast to the right and would be more obvious - almost like stripes extending softly from the base of the stalagmites and shrooms - the shadows would really ground the landscape elements; also the mushrooms would have forced their way up through the ground, so around their bases, the ground would be pushed up and not so neat as they currently are. Also, scatter some of that soft blue light on the mushroom on the far right, because it would help it seem rounded and give some idea to its three dimensionality - it's all in the details now, Adam - you're working well, so motor on!