Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Concept 3 - Coast completed

This is the coast concept resolved I made sure everything was at the correct and strencthed the canvas out to make sure it is in the right ratio. I particularly like the purple sparkles because this feels very impressionist and mystical. I have included the prgressing stages to show how I got to this image.

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  1. Hey Adam, one of the big achievements of your mushroom image, is the sensitive use of light. The problem with this image is that the light is very 'blanket' - it just needs more 'atmosphere' - remember that this is a beach 'inside' the earth, so the light would be 'different'. Also, look again at the areas wherein your objects intersect other surfaces - you've got a lot of very neat lines, whereas the sand would be 'kicked up' around the base of rock structures and the water would froth and foam around the islands etc. Again - it's the finessing you need to concentrate on now; look at some real world references to aid you, even though your dealing with a fantasy space.