Friday, 19 November 2010

Other adaptations of Journey to the Center of the Earth

 This is a comic based on the original story and a connection with graphical illustration.

"In this classic science fiction story, Professor Von Hardwigg and his nephew Henry decipher an old manuscript and discover how to travel into the center of the earth. Enlisting the aid of an Icelander named Hans, the three travel through a dormant volcano and down a series of passages into an entire world existing below the earth's crust - a world that they will find to be very dangerous."

Read more at Suite101: A Journey to the Center of the Earth – Graphic Novel Review

A Tv adaptation in 2008

"An heiress hires an anthropologist/adventurer to track down her husband who has disappeared while searching for a mythic passage to the center of the earth."

Another Tv adaptation

"Adapted from the timeless science fiction adventure novel by author Jules Verne, Journey to the Center of the Earth tells the tale of a research team that becomes trapped beneath the earth's surface, and the strange world they encounter underground. As the researchers navigate an undiscovered world of fantastical flora and exotic fauna, a high tech drilling rig races to their rescue. ~ Jason Buchanan, Rovi"

I watched this version recently but it was too far removed from Verne's original story because the spaces were out in the open and felt they were above the surface instead of below which I envision the centre of Earth to be. It also had giant spiders which was not mentioned in the book, this is a classic example to steer clear from.

A movie adaptation
"Not to be confused with Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D, the Brendan Fraser adventure that was released into theaters the same year, this made-for-cable take on Jules Verne's classic tale stars Golden Globe winner Rick Schroder as the leader of a treacherous mission miles below the Earth's surface. Famed anthropologist Jonathan Brock (Schroder) has just accepted the most dangerous -- and exciting -- assignment of his entire career. Four years ago, Edward Dennison (Peter Fonda) -- husband of wealthy Martha Dennison (Victoria Pratt) -- mysteriously vanished while embarking on an expedition to the planet's core. Martha has never gotten over her husband's disappearance, and she's willing to pay Jonathan whatever it takes to locate the missing Edward. Now, in order to retrace Edward's footsteps and find the answer to Martha's biggest question, Jonathan enlists the aid of his nephew Abel (Steve Grayhm) and Edward's former partner Sergei (Mike Dopud) and sets off to Alaska in hopes of locating the secret gateway to the center of the Earth.

With Martha in tow, Jonathan, Abel, and Sergei make their way into the great unknown and discover something truly spectacular. Miles beneath the Earth's surface is a world teeming with undiscovered life, a place where prehistoric birds soar overhead and man-eating megalodons rule the underworld oceans. The most surprising discovery of all, however, is a primitive race of warriors who have never seen the sun. Edward has become the leader of these men, the God-like ruler of a secret kingdom. But while Edward is indeed considered a god among the people, there is a devil in this world as well. As a rival tribe prepares to launch an attack that could destroy all of civilization, Jonathan and the rest of his crew stage the most daring escape ever attempted. ~ "

I found other adaptation examples to see the similarities and differences to the original story, I think the two movies I looked at before are going to be more relevant and useful because the environment spaces connect closely to Verne's imagination. These examples have twisted their ideas to create new meanings and interpretations to seperate themselves from the original story.

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