Sunday, 14 November 2010

Research of real life caves, mushroom forests and cavern coasts

I chose images that could influence the production design of the spaces that I need to create, looking into different perspective angles, different scales in a composition, different colours used and lighting. I tried to collect a range for each environment type that has different shapes and structure that I could look into when I am developing future thumbnails to make them different and the compostion more exciting and cinematic.


I like the complicated shapes and the strong bold colour that dominates in the light display. The images with the crystals that interlock and spread in different directions could be a good technique with the floor space in my scene because I struggle with trying to place different natural objects in this space. The solidfied water shaped crystals could also be added to the composition because the extract talks of the lava solidfing to crystals of opague quartz which would be represented by brighter colours.

Carvern coasts

I looked at rock structure and how the cave acts as a window to view the landscape in the distance because the compsition space looks structurally impressive. The rock forms in these images show the effects of erosion over time which makes the space has an age to it. You can see more reflections in the water and weather patterns but the inside is darker and as shown could act as a silhoutte to appreciate the layers of rock forms.

Mushroom Forests

I concerntrated on selecting different shapes because in my thumbnails I have only drawn what I think the structure of a mushroom should look like so it would be interesting to play around with new shapes in the compostion. The other thing I noticed was that the mushrooms are formed in small patches in different parts of the space which might help build up the environment in my concepts.

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