Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Thumbnail drawings 2

In these second lot of thumbnail sketches, I took the advice from my last set and used the 16:9 widescreen scale to look at how much space I have to fill and to make them look more dynamic as a movie scene. I also looked at different angles and perspective to try and gain the best potiential composition. I feel this second set is more helpful because I can see some potiential for interesting environment concepts especially in some of my later mushroom forest sketches.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Adam - consider using your foreground elements more dynamically - in other words, create elements for looking through/peering past - using foreground in this way gives a strong impression of being 'in' the space, as opposed to floating above or beyond it - imagine, for example, that you're deep inside the mushroom forest, looking between two stalks (which form strong silhouettes) that frame the rest of the midground/background elements. At the moment, you see to be 'hovering' above your world, and I'd suggest you use another set of thumbnails to explore a more human's eye view of these fantastic settings.