Thursday, 23 December 2010

Detailed notes on chosen themes for essay

As I have decided to look the uncanny identity in the monster and creator, I have looked more throughly at Phallic Panic and Uncanny bodies - the coming of Sound, Film and Horror to select the information that will be most relevant in my essay.

Phallic Panic by Barbara Creed

Vampires - Chapter 4

-alive and dead
-sedated in coffin like sleeping foetus
-a figure of perverse sexuality and a changing symbol for the sexual problems of the age
-transformation into other creatures
-section 'Features of the Vampire' - essientiallly what they are and the idea of used as punishment of sinners of Christianity - anti christ
-Pg 72 - focus on Dracula - creature of flesh, feminised, irresistable, victims desire sex from him
-section Dracula as sexual initiator - bite perceived as erotic
-section of 'The Primal Uncanny and Vampire myth' link to Freuds essay 'roles of the maternal body' Pg 79 + 80
-87 example of Bram Stoker's Dracula

Werewolves - Chapter 5

-actions influenced by scene of parental sex seen at childhood
-attacks women reminds of own possible castration
-section 'Wolf man's nightmare' more about his chilhood
-"In my view, the most uncanny of all is the upright wolf, the human beast " Creed - because of familarities seen in appearance
-Pg 104 Freud refers uncanny in relation to the boy's fears of animals and women - more childhood nightmares
-107 Red Riding hood reference
-section metamorphosis - how parts change and retain identity
-section 'Furry Phallus' - more Freud theory of phallic symbols e.g animal tail
-last para Pg 122+123 desire of human to return to it's primitive origins
-Also chapter six has alot of symbols of the werewolf
-similarities of werewolf and vampire myth
-bestiality section
-More film examples towards end of chapter 6

Frankenstein and Creating Monsters - Chapter 3

-Pg 42 film examples
-pg 43 Frankenstein - creator peceived as monster 'womb' metaphor
-pg 45 Freud argues men's failure to take up designated gender role
-section of 'The Uncanny womb' - womb as unheimlich - link to Freud's essay
-pg 50 Frankenstein
-pg 57 - 63 - Alien birth - cloning Ripley (double)
-female creations used to lead or be worshipped
-science trying to replace humanity
-pg 67 - difference between theme 1 and 2
-pg 56 possible quote
-pg 53 Frankenstein realising he is not whole creation (replacing gender role has failed)

Uncanny bodies - The Coming of Sound, Film and Horror

Vampires - Chapter 4 Dracula as Uncanny Theatre

-page 61 - figure Macnish questions 'what makes Dracula'
-page 64 - evidence of character's attration to his voice because of it's familarity
-page 80 - skeletal structure
-page 92 - sum of Dracula character

Frankenstein and the vats of Hollywood

-pg 93 intro to Frankestein
-section - 'Frankenstein and the Uncanny of Early Sound Film comparrison of Dracula
-109 - what Frankenstein is and means
-recognisable human emotion and features

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