Friday, 24 December 2010

Essay Template

Q: What are the uncanny qualities within the identity of the monster and the creator?


- introduce question
- explain research sources used and why
- brief order of points/ arguments that will be raised

Para 1 - brief history of supersitution and popularity

- intro to vampire, werewolf and created monster
- myth
- how they have become popular in modern culture (why audience is drawn to them)

Para 2+3 - Vampire

- focus on vampires
- uncanny qualities within (1 - 2 examples)
- link sims and diffs to werewolf to lead onto next topic

Para 4+5 - Werewolf

- focus on werewolf
- basic childhood fears
- uncanny qualities (1 - 2 examples)

Para 6+7 - created 'Womb' monster

- focus on created monster - link from previous paragraphs of idea that the creator/ scientist is the monster
- gender swapping trying to replace women's role in natural order
- transformations how creator transforms yet retains human - like qualities


- sum up points raised
- don't introduce anything new
- make a decision based on the evidence presented

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  1. Hi Adam - all of this looks fascinating - and I'm really pleased that you're showing such an interest and commitment to raising your academic game; that said, you've only got 1,500 words... do you think, to ensure rigor and content-rich structure, you might want to address one of the archetypes? I think the 'womb' monster is very interesting... remember, it's much better to say something meaningful about less...