Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Idea - Multiple personality disorder/ dark theme

This is just a collection of ideas that might work with the dark/ multiple personality idea.

- Broken mirror symbolising that the dark half has taken control

- Code/ message written in blood

- Shadow - something creaping into space, symbolising the darkness within

- Marks that belong to insane patient, prisoner, etc - finger nail scracthes, destroyed objects, smeared blood, ripped curtains, etc

- Setting - could take inspiration of the play room in the Haunted, an abandoned room once a space of happiness but became cold and uncanny or could literally be a disturbing space such as a prison or dugeoun cell

- Aftermath - coming into the room after events have taken place.


  1. Thats quite innovative, by the looks of things you should be able to easily put those ideas into your work.

  2. Thanks I will have to try some thumbnails and see if these ideas would work in the scene :)