Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Image references for ideas of setting

These images refer to mental asylums or insanity, there is something really disturbing about this space because of the lack of light and messages written in blood. I have added The Scream by Edvard Munch and two paintings of The Pope by Francis Bacon because there are a lot of interesting marks and colour that build up these images that makes them appear disturbing.

These images refer to a crime scene and has the idea of 'uncanny' because what used to be a familiar home has become the stage of a murder.

The images reference castle dugeons and this space can fill small and restricted but come to life with the marks made by the prisoners and structures. I particular like the first image of the bar iron door and the objects hanging on the walls outside which could be meant for torture.

These are images of abandoned hospitals, I selected these because I was also thinking of space that people usually find comfort in but I could totally change the purpose and link this will the 'asylum idea' to occupy a space for insane patients and they use the equipment and objects for their own gain.

I am starting to gain an image of what my environment could look like but I probably describe it around one person who has slowly been taken over by a mental illness, shown by the personal items that have become damaged and unusual objects that are left laying in the open. I could also think about arrangement, for example objects that are neatly stacked and everything has a purpose for it's position.


  1. If you want some reference for games that have writing on the walls, then look at Left 4 Dead and Portal, both by Valve

  2. I LOVE that topmost image, with the woman tipping the table - and the other two ignoring her... what's going on there, I wonder?