Saturday, 11 December 2010

Notes from Speaking the Unspeakable Religion, Misogyny and the Uncanny Mother in Freud's cultural texts by Jonte Pace and Diane E.

Pace Jonte and E. Diane, 2001, Speaking the Unspeakable, USA, University of California Press

Chapter 2 Death, Mothers and the After life at home in the uncanny

- Freud - "death was... a drive which polarised around the father" (1989, Pg56)

- Freud's description of human kind is fear of death as fear of retribution and punishment

- Texts within the Freudian corpus - death associated with ' Beloved', 'idealised' and 'eroticised mother' - (different theory)

- Freud's texts as signs/ images of mothers, immortality and afterlife

Chapter 3 Jewishness and the (Un) Canny

- Attractions and dangers of Jewish as similationism

- Unhemilich of Jewish identity discussion of 2 essays one original and one stripped of Jewish elements

- Variations in cultural corncerns and within Freud

- Dominant view amoung scholars of the context of an anti semitic representation of the Jewish male as feminine and effeminate and the context of a secularist representation of science as masculine


  1. wow, Adam - you're getting into some interesting territory here!

  2. Thanks it really opens up the possibility of what the Uncanny could relate to :)