Thursday, 2 December 2010

Sandy Skoglund

Sandy Skoglund was mentioned in the briefing and there is something uncanny about the sculptures that dominate the space. The colours used are also overwhelming and surreal but makes an interesting set because the compositions are dominating by all the carefully placed objects. The middle image was reference for my insaine dark theme with all the inappropiate medicines laying around and the reflection of the feet on the door (could be a cropped reflection of a dead body). The insane dream - like feel is an avenue I could look into when designing my space.

The sculptures and ornaments are made from plastic and references from life to get all the organic details and expressions real which makes the scenes even more disturbing.

1 comment:

  1. the medicine cabinet one is nice - one of the things Freud picks up on his essay is the idea of disembodied body parts having an unheimlich vibe... - check out protheses for more shuddery objects...