Thursday, 2 December 2010

David Hillard

This artists uses a lot of cropping in his photography, I also think it is interesting how he uses a set (for example a triptech). The photos record a specific action/ moment in time. The two below images include mirrors as a window to understand more of what is happening in the scene. The below image inparticular is very disturbing with the baby standing up in the bath tub as shown in the mirror as it looks perverted. What is most interesting is that these moments are happening or about to happen and effective because a viewer can immediately engage with them and draw all sort of conclusions instead of an event that has passed and given all the facts.

"I continually aspire to represent the spaces we inhabit, relationships we create, and the objects with which we surround ourselves. I hope the messages the photographs deliver speak to the personal as well as the universal experience. I find the enduring power and the sheer ability of a photograph to express a thought, a moment, or an idea, to be the most powerful expression of myself, both as an artist, and as an individual." (Hillard, 2009)

Hillard is explaining his hope that the audience can react and familiarise with the photographs as they depict everyday events.

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