Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Final Concept so far...

This is the concept of the scene as it stands and I liked the idea of adding a subtle colour but the blue in the below image felt too cold so went for green to create the sinister, creepy atmosphere. I also like how the door in the foreground has become an almost silhoutte and the door at the far end in the darkness is only just visible. The strongest element in this composition is the textures of the floor and paint peeling off the walls and ceiling, which I spent a lot of time on the settings to make the texture have a relief feel. The window and cushion on the wheelchair might need some reworking because they feel blockly and don't belong.

Blocked out composition

Added wall and floor texture

Added texture to doors and wheelchair

Added window

Added light and shadow

Increased shadow

Image flipped horizontally and increased light

Image flipped back, increased shadow and added blue

1 comment:

  1. Hey adam,

    You're working hard - this is good! - but be aware of making a 'looking down a well' composition which results from so symmetrical a composition and a 'hole' at the centre of the image; I actually like the wall of shadow - feels very ominous, but you should consider creating additional interest by using more subtle lighting to show more of what resides in that darkness.