Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Essay Template 2


- introduce question
- explain research sources used
- brief order of points raised

Para 1-3

- Freud's opinion on the undead and how existing person with special powers intent on harming and deceiving
- Focus on 1 monster vampire
- begin with their appearance - feminised, look appealing to their victims
- Lead onto the hidden image that unerves people e.g state between life and death
- look into idea of vampire as sexual initator - the hidden beast taking presence (possibly make a subtle connection to the werewolf), also how something meant to repulse draws an audience in as something never usually seen in real life - vampire bite seen as erotic
- sum up section with gender swapping

Para 4 - 6

- Freud's opinion of the womb - when we look back the space seems uncanny to develop in
- look at Frankenstein - most well known, using animated energy to give life
- begin retracing the ideas of gender swapping within the role of creator/ womb monster, idea of how man is trying to take the natural role away from women and becoming own god
- how the creator is slowly perceived as the monster over his creation - (subtle link to the fly)
- how creations/ the transformed still retain human features and emotions
- sum up with a comparrison of how both examples seem to merge their identity with the opposite gender, also how vampires try to become closer to human and how creator accidently becomes the monster


- sum up points raised - links to a hiden identity in character and role of gender swapping
- don't introduce anything new
- form an overall opinion based on evidence of the uncanny identities within both examples

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