Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Chat with Phil

Earlier today, Phil gave me new fresh ideas of approaching my struggle of creating a story with a Frogman, Warehouse and Trombone:

- Make more use of the Trombone as an instrument - potiential humour because of sound it makes
- Frogman could be someone else in the beginning and then later has to become the Frogman to resolve a problem, the need to disguise, etc
- Check out The Beatles 'Yellow Submarine' video
- Warehouse could store a number of different things e.g rare animals or skeletons of prehistoric creatures belonging to the museum of natural history
- Character could be a marine biologist with a passion to seek a rare creature that has always invaded him and is said to leave in a flooded abandoned warehouse - He has to become a Frogman to dive down to explore and hopefully find it
- Trombone could be used to attract a creature/ s he is looking for e.g whale noise
- creature could be narwhale

This has given me another potiential approach to the story and how the three elements could bind together more strongly


  1. Hey Adam! I just had a read through what you've been up to. Are there particular elements of all the research and advice that you've had that really appeal to you?
    I like the idea that you develop the Frogman a little more so he has to take on this disguise for a reason. Maybe make him a secret agent, having to leave his family to go on a dangerous mission?
    The story could always start off as something serious and dangerous but turn into something quite light at the end. Maybe he gets the trombone and to get away he has to play an amazing Jazz tune?
    I like the marine biologist take as well. On his journey he discovers the trombone and ties it to himself and before he discovers the secret creature he comes across something big and scary. Maybe it bites at him but as he swims away it eats/bites the trombone leading it to make a kind of comedic noise as it tries to attack the frogman, or maybe the noise of it just knocks it out because, of course, the trombone is magical! :P
    I'm not sure what you reckon so make sure you let me know what you're thinking of at the mo and I'll try to give you some more feedback on that :D

  2. Thanks Molly, I will hopefully structure a new story soon with some of these ideas Phil suggested that the character doesn't have to be a frogman right away but becomes one due to a problem but Im still playing with a few ideas trying to get a story that will work!

    I like these ideas as well so I will see if I can combine influences and ideas and see what i end up with

    Are you ok with your story, I will try and leave a comment If you need further feedback on any new ideas or come find me if you need to :)