Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Story Development 1

Act 1

The scene begins at night with the hero of story which is Frogman 1 (don't have names at this point) walking up to the warehouse in search of the golden trombone (maguffin). There is then a quick flash back of his head quarters depicting a chair turned away from him and Frogman 1 picking up a document. The chair swivels round but person sitted is shadowed to hide his identity to the viewer and dialogue exclaiming that they must have this artifact before the germans. As he approaches closer, Frogman 1 discovers that the warehouse has been fenced off and abandoned so it has all been locked up. He hears the sound of barking, and follows the noise to the entrance and releases there are a pair of guard dogs on the other side of the fence. He desperately searches for another way to bypass the dogs and sees a grate further along the path. He rushes to the grate and bends down, using his hands to grip the metal bars, struggling to lift it off. He takes off the back pack and has a search through until he finds a small detonator and attaches it to center of the grate. Frogman 1 activiates the device which causes a small explosion so that a gap has appeared. The explosion causes the grate to weaken and he easily lifts it free and jumps down into the sewer below. As Frogman 1 walks foward into the different chambers, he learns that the water level gets higher the further he ventures. Frogman 1 discovers a grate that leads to the surface and floats up to peer through to see the inside of the warehouse. This grate has eroded over time so Frogman 1 easily pushes up so that the cover flips out of the way, Frogman 1 pulls himself up to the surface but before he gets completely out, he detects a hand grabing his ankle.

Act 2

Frogman 1 looks down paniced and sees another Frogman diver, only this one looks imposing and almost creature like in design. Frogman 1 struggles trying to get free and eventually flies forward out of the hole and lands face flat on the floor of the warehouse. Frogman 1 turns back and tries to block the hole with a crate but Frogman 2 is quicker and exits the hole. Frogman 2 turns to face Frogman 1 and starts to approach with hands outstrenced. Frogman 1 flees in the amoungst the crates to try to escape, running down various rows of crates and becomes lost because the layout is like a maze where the boxes are scattered along the path, as they have fallen from the top of racks or piles. He takes out his document detailing the plan of the warehouse and map where the trombone has supposedly been stored away. Frogman 1 hears grunts in the next aisle and footsteps heading in the opposite direction but realises that eventually Frogman 2 will turn down this row, so Frogman 1 lifts the lid of a crate and slips inside. Frogman 2 approaches close to where his enemy is hidden and growls in frustration. Frogman 1 glances at the documents again and realises that the Trombone rests two rows from where he is hiding so waits until the sounds die away and lifts the lid and runs to his goal. Two rows along he finds the crate marked 'Golden Trombone' and grabs the artifact. Frogman 2 loses patience and shoots the pipe connecting to the sewer below so that the water begins to flood into the warehouse.

Act 3

As the water level rises both Frogmen are slowly forced upwards, Frogman 2 becomes paniced as he realises his action will cause the structure to eventually collaspe in on them. Frogman 2 hears the sound of the trombone from below and looks round to find Frogman 1 below. Frogman 2 dives down towards him but the sound of the trombone stops him halfway as if he is hyponotised. Frogman 2 scrathes his head and continues his decent to find Frogman 1. Frogman 1 continues to play the trombone hoping Frogman 2 would eventually get the message and find him. Frogman 2 lands besides Frogman 1, who stops playing and makes frantic hand gestures to the crate covering the hole and lifts the lid to reveal scraps of metal that has kept it in position. Frogman 2 charges towards him and Frogman 1 instantly bounces out of the way thinking he is trying to grab the trombone but smashes through the blockage but his suit becomes damaged and weakened. Both characters are forced through the gap with the water level lowering at a fast speed, they are seperated during this rush of events, forced in opposite directions. Frogman 1 swims back to the grate he entered and climbs out, wondering where the other Frogman diver could of gone and then feels a pair of hands drag him back into the sewer below and tries to go for the trombone attached to his back. Frogman 1 pushes him off and pulls the trombone and swings it round to hit the helmet of Frogman 2, causing him to stumble. Frogman 1 plays the trombone once more to cause Frogman 2 to stop all movement and fall into the water network and pulled away. Frogman 1 exits the sewer and sees that it is now dawn, the soft light gleams and sparkles the gold of the trombone as he walks away.

This was roughly my first developed idea a few parts twiked but there is alot to cover in a minute and I am not convinced that this is the best possible story. This was before a chat with Phil, he gave me fresh ideas of using the best potiental of the trombone instead of the maguffin.

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