Thursday, 3 February 2011

Early Thoughts for Script

Frogman – Main character
Trombone – Prop
Warehouse – Environment

  1. Frogman as villain (as well as hero) like Dr who type scenario because of costume has evil feel

  1. Warehouse abandoned – waterlogged and therefore suitable space for character to inhabit also could have hidden creature/ character as obstacle

  1. Trombone – an ancient artefact maybe a joke set years in the future and the trombone could be designed to what we expect as present day

  1. Frogman diver – hero and keep the character idea of first hybrid impression as villain

  1. Working warehouse and character wears costume and silent sim to Stig perhaps teased because he is only worker unable to play the trombone

  1. Frogman as defined in war operative on a mission to capture the trombone for an encoded message or symbol from a German Warehouse

  1. Joke of costume resembling a frog so that he becomes an actual frogman

  1. Trombone could provide backlog as something character wants to learn or tried and beaten, something he is afraid of?

  1. Story could be start off as villain storming the warehouse in search of the trombone as it is priceless artefact, weapon, etc but learns to be good

  1. Warehouse abandoned could be Frogman’s home as a place to hide away from public through fear because of past career, way he dresses, etc

These are just early thoughts to what the narrative could be based on, I tried to come up with different ways in which the three elements could form together. I quite like the idea of the frogmen used in world war 2 as an operative and the idea of using the trombone as either the goal or obstacle.

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