Thursday, 3 February 2011

Notes from idea discussion with Molly

I explained the ideas I had at this early stage, describing the difficulties of trying to find a working narrative. Molly has given excellent feedback of new ideas and adding on to existing previous thoughts.

- The location could been underwater - secret lair - mysterious, which links to what a Frogman is

- The Frogman villian could be something like the image below mixed with a subtle appearance of a frog in the costume instead of a full costume

- Underwater system that could lead to the warehouse, again linking to the idea of a secret lair entering through a grate

- Trombone - Why is this siginificant and how - Molly suggested the material it is made from and how this could signify importance e.g made of gold - an object that is desirable
- is it magical/ a weapon
- a macguffin - a goal two characters are trying to achieve

- Warehouse idea of waterlogged and abandoned is strong setting for frogman because of link

- trombone as obstacle - object holding character back - possible backlog

-Time era could be effective during World War 1 or 2 because during this time frogmen were used as operatives
- present day with character wearing costume from past is another possiblity

- Costume makes character opposing but only wants acceptance

There are now a lot of ideas to start experiementing with especially with designs of set, character and prop. I will look more into a war type scenerio as genre and theme of the narrative.

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