Monday, 7 February 2011

Film and games that inspire the treasure hunt theme

Indiana Jones is an obvious choice for the hunt for a rare artifact but also has reference to the warehouse in both Raiders of the Lost Ark and Tomb of the Crystal Skull as 'Warehouse 51' the storage of the most important and dangerious objects throughout history.

National Treasure is an updated version of a treasure hunt movie and gives hints through the use of clues to mark where the journey of the story is leading to next. The treasure room was a remeberable scene for me as it started as a dark space that no one has been to in years but when Benjamin Gates used the torch to light the trail of oil, the space comes alive with a number of precious objects.

These are both stills from the game Uncharted Drakes Fortune, the above image is the macguffin that both good and evil is racing to get to. The obvious features that mark the objects importance is that it is highly decorated and made of gold, much like how I consider the trombone to appear so that the audience knows what it is. The second image of the submarine caught at the edge of the waterfall was an unusual level in the game because it was unexpected and unique. I liked the idea of surprise to see this object thrown into the surroundings because it is positioned as a dangerious area to explore but you are drawn to it out of curiousity.

Tomb Raider is another treasure hunting style game that approaches the object of desire differently because at first these objects seem dull and worn away. When Lara reconstructs or picks up these artifacts they give her power and become an unstoppable weapon or force that makes the obstacles easier to overcome.

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