Monday, 7 February 2011

Abandoned warehouse image refereces

 I like how the stack of boxes close in the space to form very narrow corridors and feels very much like a maze. Un able to see where you are going with the endless rows of crates/ boxes.

This image is similiar to my idea of waterlogged/ leaking in the interior, puddles forming in different spots. This particular shot makes the warehouse seem disgusting and decayed, no longer fit for storing items.

In this space it shows a longer period of abandonment with rubble falling from the ceiling and walls, this is another way of making the warehouse unstable. I am not sure if this image feels too empty for my idea.

This is an example of a warehouse that has been flooded so huge areas of water which could be relevance for why the frogman/ diver is moving around in this enviroment. It also has parts untouched and I can think of my character pulling himself up until a mysterious hand grabs his ankle to stop him from reaching the trombone.

Another image with patches of water, which could be described as spillage from the drain/ pipe entrance. I also like the boxes and bits of crates left wrecked on the floor as well as the stored boxes.

 This was an interesting image because it gave me some inspiration for the outside and guard dogs that could be there as an obstacle/ prevention of trespassers. It made me think of the difficulty of getting into the warehouse as well as the inside.

This is the post wreck stage after the slow decay and rubble falling, I feel this is a step too far for my idea as it opens the possiblity that anyone could walk in and explore, it doesn't have the need for adventure.

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