Sunday, 6 February 2011

Influence Maps for character, environment and prop 1

Influence map for Frogman

I have selected images that stereotype this character as secretive and highlighted designs used in war as the important images as they are relevant to the story choice I want to look at further. I still really like the top left image because it screams out a back log and story that could be based around it. I chose the bottom right image for the colour because if I decide this idea as a villian, then I would probably go for black to signify that this character is evil. I also like the idea of the face being covered especially if I go down the operative route and the idea of a secret identity.

Influence map for Trombone

As shown in the map I like the idea of the object as golden and an old fashioned antique style. I managed to find all different designs of old and contemporary, indicating how they can have a complicated structure instead of just the basic idea. I thought the image with two hand grips was quite unusual and might be interesting to consider the design as completely unique depending how important it is in the story. I really like the structure of the top right image and is a good example to go for the war era.

Influence map for Warehouse

This map has examples of both abandoned and used warehouses as at this stage I like the idea of both for different reasons. I have made the abandoned theme the most important because I have a lot of ideas of making it waterlogged, flooded, decaying over time, which would make the architecture fragile. For example if the beams were made from wood then maybe there is the risk of bits falling off, also damaged cardboard boxes or water leaking through the roof where it has become unstable. I will research further of different abandoned warehouses to see how my ideas could fit in.

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