Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Inspiration from animatic, previz and animation

This is a simple animatic deciding camera positions and character placement I liked the basic naive style of just getting the idea to work out.

This is comic book style and the soundtrack goes really well with this animation, the story is all about survival of the last remaining humans.

This is a previz test of a scene in uncharted 2 and shows how basic characters and scenes how been put together and movement is still in preproduction so hovering and floating to mark when the character would be doing a walk or jump.

This is another previz test for Indiana Jones and the scene where he is trying to escape inside warehouse 51, obviously the use of this environment is what drew me to it. The scene has basic colours but not too detailed.

This is a short animation of an actual treasure hunt but
I particular liked the idea of the obstacle character chasing the pirate away from it as it felt like a design for a children's program.

This 2D animatic is hand drawn meaning it looked simplistic but also believable with the soundtrack of war based noises. I also liked the theme of a soldier trying to breach the enemy line but pushed back by the constant fire of the turrent or blast from the grenade. Representing that the obstacle is preventing someone from getting to point B.

This was my favourite animation I discovered during research because I liked the narrative of a character afraid of the dogs barking from the other side of the fence and then overcomes this with his discovery of his music transforming the goldfish he bought into a monster. This might be a simliar technique of how I could use the trombone in my story.

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