Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Provided PDFs from MyUca

These are examples of character model sheets focussing on expressions and size comparrisons. Also includes annotations reviewing how an idea can be taken further and developed

Storyboards from Chris Roman's Bradbird collection, focusing on the placement of characters and how the camera will track them. The fourth image shows a detailed display of how storyboards are best presented in layout and composition. The other images has notes describing how the movement of camera would change throughout the scene and angles.

These sketches detail the composition of lighting by Rowland Wilson, this include notes of how the objects would reflect the light and where shadows would be cast.

These are images from The Art of Drawing Animals by Ken Hultgren, it depicts how animals how built up from basic structures and come to life through layering. I felt this might come in handy for the Frogman character because I need to understand the anatomy and structure of different frogs to understand what might work in the designing stage.

These are images of drawing heads and hands by Andrew Loomis, concerntrating on making block shapes and adding guidelines to build the structure up in stages. I usually find the human form hard to draw so I hope some of these techniques might come in useful for designing character.

These images were from Figure drawing without a model by Ron Tiner, I liked how these sketches show more about actions and expressions. The design of characters fit a narrative role and how they were based on real world examples.

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