Thursday, 10 March 2011

Beginning Story ideas

These were my rough ideas before the group discussion I had today, These are my thoughts to the story components and what they meant to me in terms of story.


- I could give character hands and walking stick?
- structure bent over due to age
- stalk full of lumps
- chunks missing
- cobwebs
- wrinkles
- beard formed from frilling of the stalk

- old
- moaning
- miserable
- jealous of youth

Idea 1 - Magic link

A young beautiful fairy displays her self on top of the old toadstool but he is jealous and annoyed of her reminding him of an age gone by so therefore tries to shake her off and prevent her from landing on him.

Idea 2 - Magic link

Old toadstool wishes to be young again so a fairy casts her magic to make him escape his tiresome and weary form, However the fairy takes this away after a certain amount of days or after toadstool abuses it.

Idea 3 - Magic link

The idea of an enchanted forest - look at a level in Medieval or Disney's Snow white and Raphazel however this may mean a bunch of characters too grand scale

Idea 4 - Young Vs Old

The old toadstool is surround by a group of young ones that steal all the light and growing tall each day and they mock the old one as they have no respect for him

Idea 5 - Quest to achieve
- Magic
- Fulfillment
- Activity of youth

Idea 6 - dream

In the style of UP and Kyle the need to escape and achieve the dream of reaching a new place or to blend in with the young etc. Possible theme for story of wishing he could achieve something

Idea 7 - Presense of evil character

Fairy, witch, etc that tries to keep toad stool inanimate (obstacle)

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