Thursday, 10 March 2011

Group discussion

I had a chat with Andriana and Kayleigh about my ideas for story as well as some further comments from Jonny and Domantas who also joined in at different points.

Andriana and Kayleigh

- The toadstool could remeber his early days - similiar idea to the final project of the old man falling asleep and remebering his days as a pilot.

- The toadstool could of had a partner who dies (Back - log) similiar idea to up and this causes him to be more adventurous or causes a transformation in character

- Retirement hospital - being cared for

- Strains to get out of ground and a younger character mocks him for it until he finally gets out the ground but cant keep up with him - gags about the fact the toadstool is slower

- The links that surround magic themes are strong

- Old toadstool slowly walks into a 'youth club' and embraces himself by dancing or showing himself up infront of them

- Trying to chase after a fairy because the others have one but is unable to catch her due to his speed.


- The Toadstool could slowly deteriate, bits slowly falling off throughout the story - withering away into nothing

- Look at Treebeard for ideas for how to form limbs and features from what is already there


- Think of the drug 'Magic Mushroom' but due to age causes people (could be an old toadstool taking the drug) to hallucinate of older memories of 30's - 40's

- Dream land or able to achieve multiple things but when he tries it for real fails due to his age

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