Sunday, 20 March 2011

@Phil - Greenlight? Script and Essay Idea

The Geriatric Toadstool Version 1

Phil above is my script containing my simplified story making the changes you mentioned in your previous comment.

I haven't got an essay structure as I am still researching through the books and making notes that will be on the blog soon.

Essay Idea:

I intend to look at Ray Harryhausen as he worked with the masters of 3d model stop animation that worked on the original Kong and Lost World during a lot of influence and enthusiasim from O'Brian at an early age with Mighty Joe Young, which I will look at as the historical content. When he was older he broke the early rules and worked alone and I intend to focus on Jason and the Argonaughts and Clash of the Titans as two definitive examples of creating monster models of myth and legend that move away from huge creature terrifying town. His monsters were more human like that later inspired James Cameron with Terminator and Tim Burton's Skeleton characters amoung others that I have yet to discover.

Is my story and Essay idea on the right tracks?


  1. Interim Online Review 21/03/2011

    hey Adam,

    You're working hard and digging into the animation timeline (needs images though), and also using the drawing PDFs - all good. Your choice of animator is good. When it comes to Harryhausen, you'll need to deal with the moment at which his 'special effects' became dated - Clash of the Titans represents a watershed in terms of special effects technology - in so much as movies being made at the same time (Empire Strikes Back etc.)made stop-motion look increasingly dated. In this way, I'd like you to look at the 'return to fashion' of stop-motion, with Harryhausen as the inspiration (i.e. Coraline etc.)

    The issue I still have with your story is that, in story terms, there is little difference between the stones and the apples - the action is essentially a repeat of itself - 'toadstool gets hit on head by objects...' Either edit out the second action (and so making the stones/or apples the focus of Act 2), or devise another story element that is sufficiently distinct from the first. I do like the demise of the fairy though - and in terms of design, I suggest you go for a pastiche/homage of the fairies from Fantasia...

  2. Thanks for the feedback Phil, you have given me a lot to think about im not sure what u mean by the time line because i thought they already have images in them?