Sunday, 13 March 2011

@Phil - Treatment for The Geriatric Toadstool version 1

I have taken the strengths from all the ideas I felt had potiential and from the group discussion, where I gathered a range of different ideas to create this first draft. I have gone for the root of the young disrespecting the old to show how this effects the toadstool physically and mentally so that the audience feels sorry for the character and all his weaknesses are exposed. Also there is a real sense of triumph over the fairy in the end as the toadstool makes her feel as he did as she was teasing him. I am not sure if there is enough content but i tried to keep it simple and to the one minute requirement but I would like to hear your thoughts of this idea.

Treatment for the Geriatric Toadstool 1


  1. Hey Adam - there's too much incident and story here - honestly, keep things very simple - because the idea here is to give yourself opportunities to dig into the 'complex' task of making an inanimate object come to life. That said, I do like the idea of the 'geriatric toadstool' being grumpy about a bunch of raucous 'youth culture' fairies; this is a funny idea. You should avoid, I think - giving your mushroom 'arms' etc - try and make the mushroom perform using it's whole body (the cap of the shroom operating like Gromit's brow, for example). I want you to slim down your story; an elderly mushroom is awakened from its afternoon snooze by the arrival of some noisy fairies and gets increasingly grumpy - comedy ensues... Keep it simple, but consider your third act; in your original story, the tone of your act 3 feels awfully serious and a bit dark, to be honest. Think of it more as Elmer Fudd vs. Bugs Bunny - with Elmer as the toadstool...

  2. Right thanks Phil I will look at some classical examples at the exaggeration of Grommit's eyebrows and bugs bunny and Elmer Fudd to get some more reference and see what I can do :)