Thursday, 21 April 2011

Audience/ Market research 1

I am still not completely of the age range of my audience for my Plant Themed Flu Virus attack so I have found a collection of images have used plant - like forms and characters for a range of group audiences to help me get inspired.

These are examples of plant pokemon and digimon designed for a younger audience, the features are made to look cute or silly so they would appeal to a child. Also uses bright colours and a naive structure to not look too oposing.

These are examples from Invasion of the Body snatchers, Day of the Triffids and Little shop of Horrors that inspire the B Movie style this might be interesting to tackle as a GSCE or A level audience.

This is the thorns in Sleeping Beauty, the forms were made big, black and opposing but aimed for a younger audience. The designs and structure is more naive so was suitable in the film for it's target audience.

This image of a monstrous plant alien would be good inspiration for a Sci - Fi theme and having a completely organic looking virus.

Another character for a younger audience which would work better without the arms and legs.

Poison Ivy from Batman has a virus look as she is meant to be a venomous villian, her hair is always depicted as spiky and vines wrapped around her. I look to an inanimate form rather than a person but the style would inspire a teenage theme, I particularly like the bottom image where Poison Ivy has batman trapped in vines which was one of my ideas for the virus entagling the cell to attach to it.

I personally feel that a sci fi / fantasy theme will work better to exaggarate the organic plant forms for the virus and cell and think I might consider the target audience age at either Key Stage three or GCSE and look further in this group.

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  1. Hey Adam - don't get 'lost' with the plant thing - it's an art direction idea, so don't let it eclipse the accuracy of actual process; it's a virus ultimately NOT a plant - so don't confuse Peter, yourself, or the audience...