Friday, 22 April 2011

@Phil - in response to both of your comments

Ok felt I needed to make things clearer so here it goes:

1. The essay if you also read the proposal it would state that I am taking the lecture idea of Freud's theory of Uncanny and Frankenstein from the "Frankenstein Lecture"

From this I hope to analyse how the process of Motion Capture could be considered disturbing in Avatar as they specifically made the CG characters look like the actors for the familarity. Also looking at the idea of Frankenstein made from many limbs of dead people, the Avatars inspire this with the idea of them being kept in a tank and mixing DNA so they are not quite one thing or the other but still familiar as a human and navi

2. The project I have to emmit I am a little confused as Jono is choosing to do paper structures for his DNA, etc and Andriana is portraying through a pop up book world so I need to ask now!

Do have to resemble the inner space as it should be or can veer off with another approach?

because I wanted to use the plants as inspiration only because of the research of the influenza shows the structure could be very organic and wondered if I could make it act like one or indeed the process in terms of the viron budding and the cell dying and withering away

Please reply back if this is still unclear

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  1. Hey Adam - okay, no - I'm not saying that the plant thing as a source of inspiration is confusing, but think about it - plants have their own micro-biological system/vocabulary - plant biology if an established field in its own right, so you don't want to 'mix your metaphors'. Both Jono and Andriana are using metaphors that in no way overlap with the subject itself; Jono is using paper because his animation starts in a school exercise book; Andriana is using the pop-up book to relate to her target audience. Yes - the viruses are very organic and 'plant-like' - and in terms of looking at shapes/designs inspired by nature, that's fine but I just saying don't be confusing.