Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Image Research

I began looking at diagrams, illustrations and models of each theme to get an idea of what structures and shapes are in the processes.


The HIV cell has an unusual and interesting structure and definately feels the most alien. The above image makes this topic interesting because of it's use of green lighting gives a cold and out the depth feel which could be something to consider in the animation

Antibodies/ Fighting an Infection

Looking at the models, especially in the bottom image creates the impression that the antibodies can look very organic and root like. The shape looks quite simple and could safe in terms of animation but not sure if it would retain my focus.


The shapes in these images are the most organic and bizarre forms so instantly drew my focus in terms of possiblities and what can be done with this structure. The colours look into cold blues and greens making the form appear sickly and creepy.

I will definately research further into theme four and start looking at possible ideas in terms of story/animation.

Let the project Commence!

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